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Raw Data 1.1.5
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Raw Data 1.1.5

Publisher:By Christian Dunn
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Publisher's Description:

Raw Data - THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT. THIS APP IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. Do not rely on the data that this app presents. Do not use this app in an environment where failure of the app or device could lead to injury or property damage. ===POSSIBLE USES for this app=== - Measure acceleration with and without gravity (gyroscope required to subtract the gravity vector.) - Watch an oscillating magnetic field (e.g. from a motor). - Get an idea of how loud your device's surroundings are. - See how your device is oriented (gyroscope required.) ===FEATURES=== Raw Data uses an assortment of the device's built-in sensors to provide the user with raw data from those sensors. Depending on the device that the app is running on, Raw Data can provide raw accelerometer data, raw audio level data ("volume meter"), and raw magnetic field data. "Raw" meaning that it's the same data that the device is reporting to the application, and it's only as good as the sensors in the device. The app can also graph and log the raw data. Data logging can occur for as long as the device's working memory allows for. iPhone 4 users: The accelerometer data section supports "device motion" data, which basically removes the gravity vector from the accelerometer data, leaving behind the device's motion from the user's immediate surroundings. Again, this is not necessarily accurate. Please note that the accelerometer in the compatible devices is generally limited in its range of sensitivity to a little more than 2*g. The other data collection capabilities have other limitations of their own. Please do not use this application in conjuction with high forces. A tab bar in this application contains icons that were made by Joseph Wain, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (U.S. version). The domain name at which the tab bar icons were obtained is "" The author of the Raw Data application makes no representations or warranties as to the content of the aforementioned Web address.

List of Changes:

Version 1.1.5 from 2011-10-18


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File Size: 2.2 Mb

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Download Now
File Size: 2.2 Mb